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Najd people’s clothing style

المرودن والزبون والزربول... تعرف على أزياء أهل نجد

25 FEB 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Each society is distinguished by its own unique heritage conveyed through clothing and tools that reflect its respective story, identity and challenging conditions of life. The clothing of Najd tribesmen is no different and truly reflects their values and norms. We describe the various components that make up their everyday wear below, also take a look at Bandar Al-Marzouq who is known for wearing Najd cloths in festivals:


Ghutra: A square piece of cloth whose edges are folded and sewn. The white colored fabric is decorated with red, golden or green threads.

Shemagh: A cotton cloth with white and black embroidery or a white and red checkered pattern.

Amamah:  A turban worn by Arab Bedouins of Najd. Another type of turban called the “general” is sometimes used instead of the headband.

Igal:  An accessory made from white or black goat hair. It is a black cord worn to keep the Ghutra in place.

Taqiyah:  A white embroidered cap that was not commonly worn until recently.


Al-Morodin: A basic outer garment made from cotton for Bedouin men with wide triangular sleeves and a long hem touching the ground. It has an opening at the neck and is secured with buttonholes.

Thobe: A long white or sometimes black men’s robe.

Al-Zabon: A long garment open from the front and worn in winter during special occasions. It is made from broadcloth, wool or cotton.

Jubba/Sudairi: A short thigh-high robe made from different colors and materials, typically brown, black or red broadcloth.


Sirwal: A long and loose cotton pants that is very baggy at the top but also tapered at the bottom.

Formal clothes:

Bisht:  A fine garment made from camel wool and worn over the robe during special occasions. There are different types made from various materials.

Al-Barqa: A heavy winter robe often worn during the cold winters.

Al-Farwah: A winter robe made with sheep fur.


Al-Hizam: A belt made from leather

Sandals: Black shoes also known as “Nalaa” or “Zarbol”. They are usually made from camel leather and sewn together using iron and leather threads. Other types are made from rubber.