Articles/Najran Regional Museum: A celebration of local identity

Najran Regional Museum: A celebration of local identity

متحف نجران الإقليمي: الهوية المحلية لمدينة الأخدود الأثرية

05 JAN 2021

Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

Visitors looking to learn more about Najran’s history should look no further than its Regional Museum. This cultural institution is considered a prime tourist attraction for those wanting to explore the region’s most important heritage and archaeological landmarks and striking architecture. 

The museum covers around 21,000 square meters and is located northwest of the Al-Okhdood historical site. It first opened in 1986 under the name Najran Museum of Antiquities and Heritage.


The museum is considered an architectural masterpiece and one of Najran's modern landmarks. Its appearance is characterized by a long walkway in front of its entrance as well as kiosks selling refreshments, souvenirs and antiques. The building’s design embodies the historical and cultural heritage of the region alongside modern elements. Homegrown craftsmen were involved in implementing some of the finishing touches to the museum’s design so it reflected local identity.

Museum halls

Najran Regional Museum features six halls, each spanning approximately 300 square meters. They include the Man and Universe hall, Pre-Islamic Hall, Islamic Hall, and Hall of the Unification of the Kingdom. There are also halls for visual presentations and visiting exhibitions.

Visitors can explore a library, event area, restaurant, and cafeteria. Other facilities include parking lots, seating areas with fountains, and a corridor connecting the museum to Al-Okhdood.


The museum features inspiring artifacts about Najran’s human history, including ancient maps of archaeological sites and caravan routes and excerpts of writings used during the pre-Christian times.

Pottery artifacts, a bronze lion's head, and stone inscriptions discovered in Al-Okhdood are also displayed in addition to old tools, clothing, and weapons that reflect Najrani heritage.