Articles/"Nine Street": Hottest cultural dining hub for Riyadh

"Nine Street": Hottest cultural dining hub for Riyadh

شارع تسعة: وجهة أهل الرياض الجديدة بتصاميم عصرية وتراثية

19 JAN 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

There is a growing buzz around the Nine Street project, which is attracting residents and visitors in Riyadh because of its unconventional idea, design, and activities centered around delivering an experience similar to that found in cosmopolitan streets around the world. 

Unique experience

According to project owner Meshaal Al-Mobayed, Nine Street allows visitors to experience the past, present, and future of dining. It features 56 restaurants each with distinctive designs and sometimes offering recreational activities.

Triumvirate of neighborhoods

The site is divided into three sections, with the first being the Zaqrat neighborhood – a luxurious lounge for family, friends, and co-workers. 

The second is the Al-Koul neighborhood, featuring international restaurants and regular live shows. 

The third is the Al-Awwal neighborhood, in which visitors can enjoy a heritage experience and eat Arabian cuisine.

Children's area

On the second floor is a children's area that offers fun educational experiences for free, including a cinema, game rooms, and workshops in a variety of fields.

Outdoor and indoor designs

The two floors enjoy a variety of outdoor and indoor design features that contribute to the area’s aesthetic appeal, such as swings, ornate chairs, and tents with different coverings including umbrellas. 

Guests can sample the most delicious international and domestic cuisines and wander among beautiful buildings that display traditional character.

Other facilities include parking services, restrooms, and prayer areas.