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The versatility of Saudi Arabia’s pigeon towers

أبراج الحمام في مكة والدلم تجذب السياح بجمال تصميمها

26 OCT 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Pigeon towers are considered to be one of the oldest ways to raise birds and as a result, these intricate structures can be found in many countries, including Saudi Arabia. Because of their beautiful geometric designs, they have become a tourist attraction in their own right and can often be found in old forts and castles.

These towers are designed with conical shapes and round domes. They typically contain rooms with little openings for ventilation and so pigeons can enter to escape the outside heat. Some pigeon tower sites have been used to train the birds to send messages and to use their droppings as a natural fertilizer. They are usually built from mud brick and wood.

In Al-Dalam there are about 20 pigeon towers built in the last century near the Al-Sahna neighborhood in Khafas Daghara. They regularly attract tourists keen to take photos and enter the towers to see the wood lattices in which the pigeons build their nests. Visitors can also often see sunlight escaping through the circular openings intended for the birds to enter.

In the palm groves of the Makkah region, pigeon towers were built 80 years ago with the aim of providing natural fertilizer for farmers and act as a source of income. The towers are 20 meters high and located in an agricultural region.