Articles/The wealth of artisan goods at Najran’s souks

The wealth of artisan goods at Najran’s souks

الأسواق الشعبية بنجران .. ملتقى عشاق الماضي الأصيل

21 APR 2021

Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

Despite the advancements of contemporary society, visitors to Najran typically visit the region’s souks for nostalgic reasons and to reconnect with the past. Traditional products and industries are showcased at these popular markets in the historical district of Aba Al-Saud located near the Emirate Palace, offering an insight into local history and folklore. The souks of Najran are classified according to the types of goods they sell.

Janbiah Market

Considered one of the most famous and oldest souks in Najran’s historical district, this market mostly sells locally-manufactured janbiyah, the iconic traditional costume worn by people of the region, especially during special occasions and holidays.

The Women's Market

Located next to the Emirate Palace, this is one of the oldest souks in the region. Goods are – as you would expect – marketed towards women and include traditional clothing, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare products. Women have bought and sold in this popular market since its establishment.

Grain Market

On the main street of the Janabi Market lies the Grain Market, selling wheat, corn, and barley among other related products. Many of these shops often feature mills that grind grain so products are fresh and ready to be sold to customers.

Pottery and stone industries

The souks also typically feature pottery and stone products, the most popular of which are cooking utensils for baking and serving food. Visitors can also typically find pottery drinking utensils that are still very popular with locals.

Other local industries

Souks in the historic district also feature stores selling traditional silver artifacts, wood products, clothes, and jewelry. Visitors can also find cow, camel, sheep, and goat leather products such as water bottles.