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Qabil Street: full of charm

شارع "قابل" انطلاقة تجار جدة ومحطة زوارها

05 AUG 2019

Source: Fatima Sidiya

A visit to Jeddah is incomplete without a trip to the downtown Balad area. One notable location in Balad is Qabil Street, which harks back to the past with its traditional buildings, stalls and availability of traditional snacks. The area is characterized by its Hijazi architecture and was the initial trading hub in the city since 1940. The street still attracts pilgrims who visit the numerous currency exchange offices there before they go shopping.

Name origins

This major street is named after the Qabil family. Back in the early 1920s Sulaiman Qabil bought the street from Husan bin Ali, built a roof over its small shops and introduced lighting for the first time. These improvements attracted many traders looking to rent small shops or just have kiosks outdoors.

Okash mosque

One of the many outstanding buildings in the street is the Okash mosque, which was built over 230 years ago between Qabil Street and Al-Nada market. The mosque is named after Okash Abaza, who renovated it and made five doors from walnut wood capable of lasting for a long time.

Qabil today

Qabil still maintains its status as a commercial center and preferred destination for pilgrims. Visitors from around the world can enjoy shopping at the street’s 60 shops and pick up souvenirs for their loved ones.