Articles/Ra'oum castle enjoys panoramic view of Najran

Ra'oum castle enjoys panoramic view of Najran

قلعة رعوم في نجران شموخ يعكس طبيعة قرى نجران

27 MAR 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Overlooking the region of Najran from a high peak in the center of the province is Ra'oum Castle. This majestic building sits proudly on top of the eponymous mountain, which stands at 1,800 meters tall and attracts visitors from inside and outside Saudi Arabia. 

Today, Ra'oum Castle is a popular tourist destination throughout the year as it offers panoramic views of Najran’s villages, oases and farms.


The castle was built with stone, clay, and wood and features distinctive triangular adornments. Below the castle is carefully constructed rock reservoirs filled with running water from the rain.

The structure was surrounded by a large exterior wall with battlements built from square stones. It has five rooms constructed from mud, stone, plaster and palm wood, all connected by a winding staircase. The fort reflects the history of the region as well as its civilization and ancient architecture.