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Red Sea Film Festival to celebrate Arab talent

مهرجان البحر الأحمر السينمائي الدولي ينطلق في نسخته الأولى بجدة 2020

04 NOV 2019


Source: Fatima Al-Saleh

The first edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival is set to kick off next year and will celebrate the very best feature films, documentaries, animations and interactive projects from around the world.

The festival will especially recognize the best feature and short films from Arab filmmakers.

Conditions for entrants

One of the main conditions for entrants is that films participating in the main competition should have had their premiere in the Arab regions. When shortlisting submissions for other categories, preference is given to entrants whose films were not previously shown in the Arab region. Entries must have been produced between March 2019 and March 2020.


The festival is divided into several segments. First, the Red Sea short film competition will be judged. Second, the main international competition will be held in which the latest films and recent releases of Saudi cinema compete. Third, there is a new Saudi cinema competition involving a selection of feature films. The fourth segment will assess the latest major commercial films.

Festival awards

The International Jury of the Red Sea International Film Festival is selected annually by the festival director and will hand out a number of awards. They include the Golden Yousser Award for the best feature film (with a $100,000 prize), Silver Yousser Award for Best Director ($50,000), Silver Yousser Award for Best Screenplay, Silver Yousser Award for Best Actor, Silver Yousser Award for Best Actress and Silver Yousser Award for Best Cinematic Contribution. In addition, the Golden Yousser Award will be awarded for the best short film and carries a prize of $50,000 for the director, who should use the money to fund their first feature, as well as a three-month residency program in historic Jeddah. Finally, the audience prize ($50,000) will also be awarded to the best Saudi film and is funded by one of the main sponsors.

The festival will be held from March 12-21 in Jeddah. The deadline for submitting entries is November 15.