Articles/The old treasures of Salloum House in Historical Jeddah

The old treasures of Salloum House in Historical Jeddah

"بيت سلوم" التاريخي يعيد الحنين لأهل جدة

13 FEB 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

In the famous historical Jeddah neighborhood of Al-Mathloum lies Salloum House, which continues to stand as a testament to the beauty of Hijaz culture.

Built by Abdullah bin Obaid Salloum in 1301 AH, the building was recently restored. And it is a popular attraction for visiting delegations and tourists from around the world.

This four-story house covers an area of 497 square meters and is designed in traditional Hijazi style. All of its old furniture has been remarkably preserved, including Hijazi-style seats, an old iron, a kerosene-powered fridge, grandmother’s room and a women’s living area dedicated to hosting neighbors. An old custom of Jeddah’s people, neighbors used to gather in the afternoon exchanging friendly talk while drinking tea.


To preserve historical Jeddah after it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, many restoration projects have taken place in the area under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, Jeddah Municipality and Ministry of Tourism. Notably, 400 historical homes including Salloum House were developed into tourist attractions and museums. These restorations aim to preserve the authenticity of these houses, which date back 100 years to 1,400 years, and truly showcase Jeddah’s deep history.