Articles/Sama Abha Parks: Family attraction, stunning views

Sama Abha Parks: Family attraction, stunning views

حدائق" سما أبها" مطلة خلاب على أجمل مدن المملكة

07 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

For scenic beauty and stunning views of Abha, head down King Faisal Road to the Sama Abha Parks. This attraction not only features vast green spaces spanning a total of 42,000 square meters but also children’s playgrounds, restaurants and kiosks. 

Family outing

Sama Abha Parks is popular with families as they can enjoy barbecuing in the open fresh air and drink cold and hot beverages from the surrounding cafeterias and kiosks. especially during the weekend.

Beautiful nature

A unique feature of the gardens is a 260-meter-long stream with three beautifully designed wooden bridges. Facilities at the garden include a 380-square-meter mosque, two cafeterias, car parks with capacity for 560 vehicles and three toilets. 

A large water fountain is constructed in the middle of the park with shaded seating areas for women nearby.

There are also a number of walkways with plants and flowers on both sides.