Articles/Sharaan Nature Reserve: Protecting AlUla’s ecosystem

Sharaan Nature Reserve: Protecting AlUla’s ecosystem

محمية شرعان قيمة بيئية استثنائية

30 MAR 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Al-Ula is known for its spectacular natural beauty, with varied habitats that once thrived with wildlife coexisting with early humans. Sharaan Nature Reserve was set up with a commitment to preserve the rich biodiversity of this region.

Unique site

The beautiful canyon area of Sharaan has been designated a nature reserve, setting a new benchmark in the region for preserving fragile ecosystems in Saudi Arabia and reflecting the Kingdom’s commitment to protect the environment.

Rich biodiversity

The reserve features spectacular red-rock canyons, steep-sided ravines, wide valleys and open desert areas with scattered rocky outcrops. The area’s protected status has allowed a range of native species to thrive in conditions similar to their natural habitats. Efforts are currently underway to restore the reserve and encourage wildlife to reclaim the land. 

Fascinating wildlife

The reserve hosts an abundance of interesting animals including red-necked ostriches with rich plumage, Nubian ibex, different types of birds, and graceful Idmi gazelles. The area also provides a welcoming sanctuary for species like eagles, endangered Arabian wolves, gazelles and large-eared red foxes.

Perhaps the most alluring of these creatures are the critically endangered Arabian leopards, which play their part in fostering a healthy ecosystem.