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Shurayrah Island... Future beach holidays

جزيرة "شُريرة".. مستقبل السياحة السعودية

24 FEB 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently launched the Coral Bloom, a development that will be built on the Red Sea Project’s main island off the Kingdom’s western coast in Tabuk province – Shurayrah

Breathtaking design

With a natural dolphin shape, the island is home to the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system, untouched corals, and a significant number of rare endangered species. The concept of the island is that it blends in with its pristine natural environment. The awe-inspiring Shurayrah Island sets the standard for groundbreaking architecture and sustainable design, ensuring visitors enjoy a truly immersive barefoot luxury experience.

Hotels and resorts

The project features 11 hotels on the island that will be operated by major hotel brands. The properties themselves have been designed to give the impression that they have washed up on the beaches and nestled among the dunes almost like driftwood while ensuring the local environment and biodiversity are protected.

New habitats will be created through landscaping to enhance the island. The design includes new beaches along with a new lagoon. These enhancements will contribute to raising the level of the land and provide a defensive layer from rising sea levels.

Visitor experience

Visitors can enjoy nine different experiences — Dunes, The Trail, The Coves, Coral Pavilion, Reef Villas, Nature Reserve, The Club, Golf Course, and Luxury Village. The project will receive its first visitors as planned by the end of 2022, when a private international airport, resort, residential properties, leisure facilities and hotels will open.