Articles/Tabuk’s Royal Tulip: A relaxing and luxurious stay

Tabuk’s Royal Tulip: A relaxing and luxurious stay

منتجع رويال توليب في تبوك الوجهة المثالية للاسترخاء والمغامرة

19 SEP 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The coastal city of Tabuk is known for its picturesque and pristine nature that encourages visitors to stay overnight in one of its amazing hotels and resorts. To truly enjoy the turquoise sea and sandy beaches, visit Tabuk’s Royal Tulip Sharma Resort that is known for its excellent facilities and services.


Royal Tulip Resort

Visitors to the Sharma area in Tabuk will come across the five-star Royal Tulip Sharma Resort, where they can enjoy a luxurious stay in a chalet or villa of their choice.

The uniquely designed resort features many recreational activities for all ages. Its unique exterior was designed to reflect its surroundings, such as the local stone-based architecture. It enjoys a great location and features lovely rooms with pleasant views.

Children's playground

The resort features a children's club and playground that overlooks the swimming pool and holds many different activities in a friendly atmosphere that are sure to bring a smile to young participants’ faces.

Shehana Ladies Health Spa Club

In the resort’s spa, female visitors can enjoy the luxurious experience they deserve. There are indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, quiet lounge and skin and haircare rooms.


The resort also features a number of restaurants offering different cuisines from all over the world for an ideal family dining experience:

  • Sunset Restaurant, known for its excellent menu.
  • Darrah Restaurant, where diners can enjoy a tasty breakfast while taking in beautiful views of the Red Sea.
  • Good Cafe, which offers the finest refreshing drinks and cocktails as well as delicious snacks, salads and ice cream.  
  • Shawar Seafood Restaurant, serving a wonderful seafood menu.

Fun activities

Guests can also enjoy water sports such as swimming, jet skiing and kayaking, or enroll in a tour program near the resort.