Articles/Take a walk through Al-Baradani’s breathtaking nature

Take a walk through Al-Baradani’s breathtaking nature

وادي البرداني.. نزهة في جنبات الطبيعة

28 OCT 2019

Source: Fatima Sidiya

Photos by: Elyas Tayar

It is not a stretch of the imagination to compare Wadi Al Bardani to an exquisite painting, especially when water flows from its mountain heights into vast green spaces. Located south of Bareq in the southern Asir province, the valley’s name means “the land covered with shade” – it is also known as “Thoaib Yamani (a stream).”

The village of Mesbah is the main starting point for Al-Baradani valley, which is about eight kilometers long. There are many villages located on the sides of the valley including Alasrat and Ben Atifah.

The valley is easily accessible via a paved road. As visitors walk down this path, they can often spot local birds and fauna. The local inhabitants used to take their livestock to the valley for grazing purposes. Today, however, it has been transformed into an open-air park that is frequently visited by nature lovers look to relax or take photographs.

Al-Baradani is one of the most beautiful valleys of Tihama Asir. Its wide space and beautiful atmosphere are testament to its tourism potential - its growing reputation has extended to other regions of the Kingdom and neighboring countries.