Articles/A visit to beautiful Majardah, ancient Ghaya

A visit to beautiful Majardah, ancient Ghaya

قرية "غيه" الأثرية تتحدى زوارها بموقعها على صخور بركانية

20 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

One spring destination popular with visitors from all over the Kingdom is the southern governorate of Majardah, due in no small part to its beautiful nature. Located only 180 kilometers away from Abha, the city enjoys stunning mountain views. It is also situated on an old trade route and features historical sites, souks, natural parks, and breathtaking valleys.


Visitors finding themselves on top of the local Jabal Tahawa mountain will be able to spot the ancient village of Ghaya, located southeast of the Khatt area in Majardah. This heritage area is an important tourist station situated between Al-Namas and Majardah and home to a group of beautifully constructed houses built from volcanic rock. Ghaya is also surrounded by farms and heritage buildings constructed from locally-sourced materials.

Unique experience

Ghaya dates back around 200 years, as demonstrated by its historical houses and mosque. Residents used plaster on pathways to facilitate easy access and prevent slipping.

Events and festivals are regularly held in the village to highlight its historical importance, often through displays of old daily implements such as grinding mills, lanterns, and agricultural tools.