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The best mountaineering sites in the Kingdom

أفضل مواقع تسلق الجبال في المملكة

29 AUG 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Mountain climbing and other outdoor activities have become increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia. Wafy lists the most important mountaineering sites in the Kingdom characterized by their beautiful landscapes and which are best enjoyed from September to April because the weather is generally milder.

Central Region

You can climb, explore and camp in the Tuwaiq Mount, especially as it has become part of the Qiddiya development megaproject. Surrounded by Najd desert, Tuwaiq is located near Riyadh and reaches the Empty Quarter. Also consider climbing the Al-Akhw Valley Front in the Al-Hariq area near Riyadh; there are 37 designated walking paths for organized group tours.

Visitors to Hail should check out the village on top of the Oqda Mountains. Located in the province’s west, the highest peak stands at 1,500 meters above sea level. The area is ideal for mountain climbing, hiking and biking, especially as there are hundreds of rocks and canyons in the area. Notable locations include Al-Salam Park, Al-Maghawa and Machar.

Western Region

Madinah is home to many beautiful mountains and valleys that attract mountaineers and hikers, such as Wadi Al-Motadil and Wadi Abu Oud north of Al-Ula that are up to 300 meters high and feature sedimentary rock formations, naturally-formed arches and good facilities. The Al-Ula Front is also a wonderful mountain-climbing destination, featuring a huge granite rock of around 18 meters in height.

Jabal Al Qamar and Marwani Valley, located in Asafan between Makkah and Jeddah, are popular with budding climbers. 

Do not miss out on a trip to Al-Hada, and then head to Al Shafa, the highest mountain in Taif and one of the most important tourist destinations in the country due in no small part to its breathtaking nature.


Northern Region

Al-Disah Mountain and Tayyib Ism Valley in Tabuk contain wonderful trails for climbing, cycling and motorbiking and feature natural sedimentary formations that are strikingly beautiful. The latter is a narrow valley located on the Gulf of Aqaba overlooking the Red Sea, north of Maqna.

Southern Region

Wadi Bin Hashbal in Asir province is located 36 kilometers from Khamis Mushait and characterized by its picturesque nature. Visit Al Soudah near Abha an ideal destination for mountain climbing as it contains granite rocks.

The Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation also recently opened a new climbing wall 30 meters long at Sharaf Park in Tanuma Governorate. Access the park by travelling to the Sarawat mountain range north of Abha.

Climbers also tend to travel to Al-Reith, home to the beautiful Wadi Lajab Situated 150 kilometers north-east of Jazan, the valley enjoys wonderful nature that attracts visitors from around the Kingdom. Do not miss the experience of exploring Jabal al Qahar when in this region.