Articles/The breathtaking views of Abha’s Green Mountain

The breathtaking views of Abha’s Green Mountain

الجبل الأخضر: من قلعة عسكرية إلى معلم سياحي بارز في أبها

03 JUL 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Abha is home to many lovely tourist attractions such as Mount Souda and Shada Palace. However, those who want to enjoy stunning views of this beautiful city should make a trip up The Green Mountain. It is one of Abha’s most popular tourist attractions, spanning 8,161 square meters. You can travel from the city center to Abha Park via the mountain’s cable cars, from which you can see wonderful natural scenery. The name of the area is called Jabal Al-Thera.

The mountain got its color-themed name because it is covered with grass and decorated with green lights in a conical shape that can be seen at night from many miles away. It also features a green grandstand as well as many tourist facilities including a family restaurant that serves all different types of cuisines and desserts, coffee shop and an internet cafe. The mountain was previously used as military headquarters due to its strategic location and was then developed as a headquarters for wireless communication. It finally became an established attraction for visitors with many services that contribute to local tourism.