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The captivating beauty of the southern valleys

أودية جنوب المملكة جمال فاتن جمع بين المياه والخضراء

30 DEC 2019


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The Southern region is full of natural scenes including various valleys. The natural beauty of Wadi Al-Tanoor increases when rainwater skims the top of its wonderful rocks, ensuring the area looks akin to a splendid natural painting. This stunning valley is located about 22 kilometers southeast of Khamis Mushait.

Rocks and rainwater

Al-Tanoor Valley is characterized by its extremely rugged rock formations. When rain makes its way through the rocks, it can seem as if a running river is breaking through the valley. Enchanting views can be experienced from the top of some of the higher rocks, allowing visitors to enjoy a charming view of palm trees that stand tall among rich green pools of water.

Beauty and nature

Visitors can sit on the banks of the Al-Tanoor Valley to enjoy its beauty and green nature, and contemplate its clear rainwater pools reflecting the color of the sky and palm trees, forming a beautiful view accompanied by the sweet singing of birds.

Tandaha Valley

Venture away from Al-Tanoor Valley towards Tandaha, which continues the southern valleys’ trend of combining beautiful greenery with deep blue water. Tandaha Valley is about 60 kilometers long and located 20 kilometers east of Khamis Mushait. It is famous for its dam and villages located on its banks as well as a moderate climate. It is also known for the abundance of its water and quality of agricultural crops. The fertile agricultural areas along its banks supply the southern region with many vegetables and fruits.

The valleys of Tandaha

The water stream of Tandaha Valley starts from the Hijaz Mountains at Al-Bouta in the south, an area called the Wahhabah Valley. The latter shares its water flow with two other valleys from the east that converge into a site called Al-Tandahi, where the Tandaha valley dam was constructed. Then Tandaha Valley proceeds to flow into Bisha Valley, cutting through the city of Tandaha itself.

Water dam

The dam of Tandaha Valley has two beautiful paths allowing visitors to take in magnificent views of the lake, which is 120 meters long. The area is perfect for picnics on the shores of the lake.

View of Tandaha

Climb to the top of a hill in Tandaha Valley to enjoy a splendid view of the farms and surrounding natural beauty with family and friends.