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The greatest love stories ever told in the Arabian Peninsula

أرض المملكة كانت مسرحا لأجمل قصص الحب العربية

13 FEB 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

There are countless love stories that have stood the test of time and have been passed on from generation to generation. In the West, they include the likes of Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde. We cover some of the most famous tales from the Arabian Peninsula below; stories that we believe are the purest examples of love in the region.

Antara and Abla

Sincere feelings and pure love brought together Antara bin Shaddad and his cousin Abla bint Malik, who was one of the most beautiful and smartest women in the region. Antara was born in the Arabian Peninsula in the first quarter of the sixth century in the Al-Qassim region.The couple’s love story was full of obstacles, as Abla’s father ordered Antara to bring him 100 camels from King Al-Numan before he could marry his daughter. However, Antara fulfilled the request and was able to marry his lover. Antara used to tie his horse at Antarah Ibn Shaddad Rock and then meet Abla at Al Naslah Rock seen above.

Qais and Laila

Qais bin Al-Mallouh loved Laila Al-Amiriya, daughter of Mahdi bin Amer. Their love story began in the Najd region in an area where camels grazed. Laila was Qais’ cousin whom he loved from a young age. This story has always guaranteed a place in literary history. the photo above shows a cave at Toobad Mountain believed to be where Qais and Laila used to meet .

Jamil and Buthaina

Jamil was a good, generous and soft-hearted poet. He was born in the Al Qura Valley between Tayma and Khaybar in what is now known as AlUla. Buthaina and Jamil met at a farm and quarreled because of a camel, but this enmity ended with the highest degree of love. However, Jamil did not get to marry his beloved because she was forced to marry another man, this story has been demonstrated in Jameel Bouthina Play event at AlUla.

Aja and Salma

The region also recounts Aja and Salma's love story who used a servant to exchange love letters. Salma decided to elope with the love of her life from their homeland in Hail. The city  still preserves the memory of this love story that took place between two mountains known to this day as Aja Mountain and Salma Mountain.

Katheer and Azza 

Katheer bin Abdul Rahman Al-Khuzai of Madinah was famous for his love for Azza bint Jamil Al-Kanafiya. He was always referred to as "Khatheer Azza" to indicate his love for Azza.