Articles/Ta'aleel Café: Spirit of Al-Jouf heritage

Ta'aleel Café: Spirit of Al-Jouf heritage

مقهى "تعاليل" يستقبل زواره في أجواء تراثية مميزة

26 MAY 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

In Al-Jouf province lies Ta'aleel Café, a unique destination for those who appreciate fine heritage. It is strategically located in the historical district’s King Khalid Al-Hizam Road in the heart of Sakaka, near Za’abal Castle and Sisra Well. Visitors typically flock to this coffee shop to enjoy the ambiance and historic details.


The Ta'aleel Café was named after the owners’ love for the folklore and culture of the province, which is famous for its hospitality. The name is derived from the word “taalula”, referring to a short visit to a friend to check in on them and exchange talk over a cup of coffee.


The décor and atmosphere of Ta'aleel Café aims to combine past with present, demonstrated by the aroma of authentic Arabic coffee, excellent service, indoor and outdoor seating, as well as displays of heritage tools and poems written by local talents.


The café offers a variety of dishes and drinks such as fresh juices, milkshakes, traditional Arabian breakfast items and snacks. Desserts such as soufflés, mini pancakes, brownies, pistachio cakes and others are also on offer. 

Diners looking to enjoy a traditional meal can order local dishes such as maraqouq, jareesh, soups and salads.