Articles/Al-Dubeikhi Palace: Evoking Qassimi memories

Al-Dubeikhi Palace: Evoking Qassimi memories

ثلاث آلاف قطعة أثرية في قصر الدبيخي تحكي تاريخ القصيم

31 OCT 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

Many Saudi families have taken the time to convert their old mud houses into private museums documenting local heritage. According to Ministry of Culture figures, there are 217 private museums in the Kingdom that are governed by an umbrella organization. We look at one of the most famous of these museums in Qassim province – Al-Dubheikhi Palace.


Preserving Qassimi hesitage

The Al-Dubeikhi Historical Museum is located in Al-Quwa’i town in Buraidah. The palace was owned by the eponymous family who lived there until 1398 AH. As a relatively new tourist attraction in the city, the private museum aims to preserves local cultural heritage as well as social and industrial history. Tourists and visitors can enjoy thousands of carefully curated artifacts.


The historic Al-Dubeikhi Palace, made from clay and palm wood, features 22 rooms and was designed in a traditional heritage style. There is also a majlis reception area as well as storage rooms and traditionally constructed windows and doors. Daily implements of the past are hung on the walls of the palace or preserved in dedicated exhibitions. They range from kitchenware, agricultural tools, coffee making equipment, incense burners, carpentry tools, educational aids, folk costumes worn by women and men, cosmetics and traditional heritage items. Over 20 shops were added to the building that showcase old trades and handicrafts.