Articles/King Abdulaziz Darat: Treasure trove of Saudi history

King Abdulaziz Darat: Treasure trove of Saudi history

دارة الملك عبدالعزيز حاضنة العلم وبناء يعكس فخامة التاريخ

25 MAY 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

The archives that form the centerpiece of King Abdulaziz Darat are the culmination of the eponymous Saudi founder’s effort to make information about his Kingdom, Islam and the Arab world available to everyone. The research materials housed inside have been translated into many different languages. Visitors can find a wealth of maps, illustrations, and documents.

The Memorial Hall focuses on the life of King Abdulaziz and displays weapons, swords, watches and stamps that once belonged to him. The Darat Library features biographies and manuscripts that tell more about the Arab Peninsula.


Dara is an Arabic word that refers to the vast land between the mountains. The walls and construction of King Abdulaziz Darat reflect ancient Najdi architecture. 

Nearby attractions include the National Library Museum, Military Museum, Al-Watan Park, Riyadh Water Tower, Al-Thamiri and Zal souks, and many more amazing historical places.

Visitors can take a stroll around the historic building to enjoy the green spaces and small man-made rivers.


The King Abdulaziz Darat is an institution that specializes in providing information about the history, geography, literature and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab world. Established in 1972, much academic research on the history and geography of the Kingdom can be accessed through its website.