Articles/The historical Helyawah Market: Heritage and Shopping

The historical Helyawah Market: Heritage and Shopping

سوق حليوة التاريخي ينقل تراث أهل شقرء للأجيال المعاصرة

14 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

One of the oldest souks in the Central Region is the historic Helyawah Market in Shaqra governorate, 185 kilometers from Riyadh. Opened in 1932, the market receives visitors and shoppers from the governorate and nearby cities who love heritage and the traditional products on offer.

Market exhibits

The wares of Helyawah Market include textiles, wooden and metal sculptures, leather goods, traditional clothes, furniture and groceries. The site’s traditional design exudes heritage that attracts families of different generations, especially young people looking to learn about their ancestry.

Shaqra Heritage Museum

Visitors also typically visit Shaqra Heritage Museum, which displays traditional weapons, clothing for women and men, cooking utensils, documents and manuscripts, agricultural tools, daily necessities, old furniture, wooden carvings and mummified animals.

Honoring Abdul Karim Al-Juhayman

The people of Shaqra governorate also commemorated the writer Abdul Karim Al-Juhayman, who died in 2011, by building a library in his name at Helyawah Market. 

The library features 11 publications by the late writer that discuss popular myths in the Arabian Peninsula as well as storybooks he wrote for children.