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The versatility of the National Wealth Park

منتزه "الثروة الوطني" الطبيعة بين الأصالة والحداثة

27 JAN 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Al-Baha’s parks are some of the most beautiful outdoor destinations that all the family can visit to enjoy the city’s scenic landscapes. If you are planning to visit the region, make sure to visit one of the charming local parks, particularly Al-Qorah governorate’s National Wealth Park that we cover in greater detail below.


The governorate of Al-Qorah is nestled among the Hejaz Mountains, around 2,200 meters above sea level. It is situated 40 kilometers from Al-Baha, 180 kilometers from Taif and around 370 kilometers from Abha. It is considered a notable tourist destination due to its charming nature and agricultural areas.

National Wealth Park

One of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Al-Baha province, the National Wealth Park is located in Al-Qorah governorate. The location is full of gardens and picturesque seating areas for those looking for natural beauty and tranquility.


There are many services to help visitors have a pleasant time, such as a theater area, shopping quarter with goods sold by productive families, white parasols and a colored lighting scheme that highlights the park’s charm.

Children and their families are also catered for thanks to the inclusion of many recreational facilities such as playgrounds and sports areas. The park hosts various activities and events that cater to all types of visitors.