Articles/The pristine beauty of Jabal Hassan Island

The pristine beauty of Jabal Hassan Island

الطبيعة البكر والجمال الخلاب في جزيرة جبل حسان

07 JUL 2020


Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

There are many picturesque and pristine beaches along the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf coastlines that add to the charming beauty of Saudi Arabia. In particular, between the western cities of Umluj and Al-Wajh are 90 islands including Jabal Hassan. A beautiful location on the Red Sea on the northwestern coast of the Kingdom, this island is administered by the governorate of Umluj in Tabuk province and is about 18 kilometers away from the coast.

Jabal Hassan Island

The island covers an area of 24 square kilometers, much of it beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and fishing waters. The island was named after the eponymous mountain that rises 200 meters above sea level and stretches up to 7.3 kilometers in all directions. The island was an ancient passageway for ships between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan and historians say that Romans extracted glass from its plains.

Inhabitants of the past were known for using the land for agriculture, setting up many farms, digging small wells, and raising livestock. Its coast is characterized by white sands that are home to snails of many kinds. Graves are also spread down the eastern part of the mountain, indicating that it was inhabited for long periods.

Nature lovers can enjoy the island’s beautiful scenery and clean white beaches surrounded by coral reefs. There are also many wonderful fishing locations and diverse marine wildlife to enjoy. This picturesque island attracts many tourists and can be accessed by boat designated for tourism purposes and carrying safety equipment.