Articles/Exploring the tranquility of Hassr Island

Exploring the tranquility of Hassr Island

جزيرة "حصر" الطبيعة البكر في البحر الأحمر

10 APR 2021

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

Saudi Arabia is home to many virgin islands scattered across the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Travel west off the coast of the southern Al-Bark governorate, and you will come across the breathtaking Hassr Island, which captivates with its pristine beauty and unique natural diversity.

Picturesque haven

Hassr is a Red Sea island located in the southwestern Asir province. It is the closest island to Al-Bark Governorate, spanning an area of about one square kilometer.

Its white sandy beaches, rock formations, mangrove trees and amazing coral reefs that can be seen through clear waters attract many nature lovers, photographers, and those looking for tranquility and relaxation. The picturesque nature of Hasr Island contributes to a great destination for camping, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, diving and other water-based activities.

Island birds

Accompanying the gently lapping waves and fresh breezes are vocal birds of all kinds, including flamingos and eagles. It is little wonder that the island never fails to impress visitors, particularly bird watchers.