Articles/The relationship of rain and authentic Hijazi cooking

The relationship of rain and authentic Hijazi cooking

"المعدوس" وجبة المطر

29 NOV 2019

Source: Alaa Al-Bahrani

Once it rains in the Hijaz region, the smell of rain will soon be mixed with the smell of authentic Hijazi cooking, called “Mados”, or rice and lentils, which a popular food for Hijazi families since ancient times, This beautiful habit is still practiced to this day, and is the first choice in dinner tables in the rainy seasons and cloudy weather.

Why Mados meal is related to rainy season?

Since ancient times, Hijazi women believed that rain water did not contain salts, which helps in quickly cooking the lentils. That is the relationship of rain Mados, where families used to wait for the rain to leave the pots outside or a space inside the house without a roof, and then they leave the rain-water pot for a while until the dust precipitate and the water is purified to be cooked with lentils. Lentils have healthy nutritional properties that help warm the body in cold climates.

Mados recipe 

The recipe of Al-Mados the old Hijazi method is basically two cups of washed rice and a cup and a half washed red lentils, and on medium heat cook onions on cooking oil and then add the rice with lentils as well as garlic, cumin, black pepper and porridge, and finally add salt after the lentil softens. The Mados is usually served with tamarind and onions, or fish or tuna.