Articles/The versatile beauty of Al-Hira’ Heritage Village

The versatile beauty of Al-Hira’ Heritage Village

تعرف على قرية الحراء التراثية بمحافظة الطائف

07 JUL 2020


Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

In the south of Taif lies the picturesque governorate of Maysan Governorate, home to fascinating Al-Hira’ Heritage Village. One of the many governorates of Makkah region, Maysan consists of many villages and vast green spaces featuring a wide variety of trees and plants. The region is known for producing many types of fruit and vegetables including grape, pomegranate, almond, zucchini, cucumber, fig, tomato, apricot, apple, wheat, barley, and corn.

Heritage Village

Al-Hira’ still features many old houses connected by small alleys that have remained in remarkably good shape despite the passage of time. These old houses, protected by the tall mountains surrounding them, were made from mud and stone and its different hues of brown help form a striking landscape that captivates the hearts and attracts visitors.

In the middle of the village is a historical mosque surrounded by rose plantations that Taif is famous for. It has in total eight entrances on its four sides as well as warehouses that were used to store grains and fruits.

A fort was assigned to the village to protect its residents. It has three floors, seven entrances and 70 rooms inside.

Al-Hira’ School was the first established in the south of Taif in 1368 AH and students from all neighboring villages registered there. The school has produced many graduates from the region.