Articles/University of Tabuk Mosque: Modern and traditional blend

University of Tabuk Mosque: Modern and traditional blend

مسجد جامعة تبوك.. تحفة معمارية تجذب الأنظار

01 APR 2021

Source: Khuloud Al-Saleh

The mosque found on the University of Tabuk’s campus is considered one of the most famous cultural landmarks in the province. This architectural marvel is located in the middle of the campus and features a modern design that incorporates a large dome without any columns. 

It was built as a landmark celebrating the Islamic and urban civilization of Tabuk, which is also a recognized hub for Islamic religious sciences.


The mosque’s architecture combines traditional Islamic and contemporary design. It spans 8,000 square meters and can accommodate 3,500 worshipers. Its two minarets are each 50 meters tall. The roof, alone covering an area of 5,887 square meters, forms a dome and is embellished with mosaics.

The facades of the mosque are double glazed to allow maximum light to enter the building. The walls and floors are covered with granite and marble, with aluminum cladding used for the two minarets and decorative walls.

State-of-the-art systems

The mosque offers maximum natural lighting through the glass on its dome and walls, a central air-conditioning system, a building management and control system, fire protection and advanced acoustics. The floors of the entrances are covered with granite squares while the mosque courtyard features a marble floor and glass walls. The mosque’s roof is made up of aluminum, while glass is used for its circular beam.