Articles/Wadi Al-Ghamar, Jazan's pristine tourist destination

Wadi Al-Ghamar, Jazan's pristine tourist destination

"وادي الغمار"، الوجهة السياحية البكر في جازان

07 AUG 2020


Source: Nadeen Al-Wazani

Considered one of the most beautiful valleys in Saudi Arabia, Wadi Al-Ghamar is slowly developing a reputation as a great destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city thanks to its picturesque nature, dense forest, flowing rivers and fresh air. Located in the southern Jazan province, Wadi Al-Ghamar is situated near a small mountain range in the area between Haroub and Al-Haqu. Visitors can explore interesting rock formations, white soft sand and lush greenery including an abundance of palm trees and shrubs because of the region’s perpetually rainy weather.

A village in the valley

Wadi Al-Ghamar is being developed into a tourist destination through the provision of many facilities that aim to attract tourists, especially those who enjoy hiking, nature and picnicking, from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Wadi Al-Ghammar is also called Wa’al Al-Yamani as it is one of the tributaries of the well-known Wadi Al-Wa’al. The medium-sized village, whose residents mainly work in livestock and agriculture, is home to some beautiful nature – especially during the fall and spring seasons.

Photo credit: Sultan Al-Majhali