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Wafy a Dream Come True

وافي حلم يتحقق

15 SEP 2019


Source: Wafy

As our country moves forward with plans to enhance the quality of life and endeavor to achieve 2030 Vision goals, we at Wafy seek to go in this exact forward looking direction. 

At Wafy we seek to uncover the beauty of Saudi Arabia, its unique culture and heritage and its deeply rooted history. We look forward to help Saudis rediscover their land and we strive to place Saudi tourism at the center of international interest.  

We are proud today to announce our first of a kind magazine with both Arabic and English articles linked directly to events and places registered in the application. 

The magazine is supported by the largest database of places and events in the Kingdom built into the application. We invite you to read through a variety of exclusive Saudi features about entertainment, art & culture, food, tourism, sports and much more!