Articles/Wafy Launches its Website to Discover Saudi Arabia

Wafy Launches its Website to Discover Saudi Arabia

"وافي" يُطلق موقع إلكتروني لاكتشاف السعودية

29 JUN 2019


Source: Wafy

AlWafy Network for Information Technology launched the Wafy website, which includes the largest database of events and places in Saudi cities. The site also includes many stories that shed light on everything related to tourism, culture, entertainment, and sports.

The site reviews, a comprehensive definition of all events, as it determines the dates of events and categories capable of attending in addition to ticket prices. It also sets free activities and the site reviews pictures of all events in addition to their dates. The opinion feature allows viewing the satisfaction of others with all transparency and clarity and participates in evaluating the services and events presented in Wafy application.

“Wafy” adds the website to the package of options and services it provides to the public, taking advantage of the huge database that the application enjoys.