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Tour stunning Al-Ula with a click of your mouse

شاهد العلا كما لم ترها من قبل

30 DEC 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

If you are looking to view the historical treasures of Al-Ula but cannot travel there for whatever reason, the city’s Royal Commission has you covered.

It has launched the Live Museum virtual tour facility on its website that allows visitors to travel back thousands of years and explore landmarks such as Elephant Rock, Madain Saleh, Mahlab Al-Naqah, Khuraibah, Al-Mabyat and Al-Mazham.

Using 360-degree video technology, virtual tourists will have access to a virtual world where they can explore these archaeological sites and learn about Al-Ula’s ancient history. They will be able to view inscriptions and even see previously unseen locations.

The website incorporates photogrammetry technology to create the virtual tours. In fact, the Royal Commission and its partners provide intensive courses and educational programs to train young people on such technology and encourages them to apply what they learn on the ground. The beneficiaries also share their experience of touring Al-Ula and their photogrammetry skills.

An archaeological and heritage survey program for the Al-Ula Governorate supports the authority's mission to protect and develop natural heritage and historical sites in the region, achieve sustainable development and enable visitors to learn about the rich history and culture of the region.