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Winter camping around the Kingdom

أجمل الأماكن في المملكة للتخييم في الشتاء

13 OCT 2020

Source: Abeer Al-Amoudi

During the cold winter months, where temperatures can reach subzero in certain places, it is still possible to camp in the fresh snow and enjoy the pristine nature for a couple of days. Exploring the wilderness can be a wonderful experience provided you take the necessary precautionary measures.


There is nothing more beautiful than relaxing to the picturesque views of snowy mountains, clear skies and fresh air. Al-Ula is a natural wonder of the world dating to back to pre-Islamic times and Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is well known for being one of the most beautiful camping areas in the Kingdom as it is surrounded by mountains.

You can either camp by setting up a tent under the starlit sky or stay in official resorts that provide you with all the camping equipment in a modern and elegant atmosphere. All you have to do is browse tourist websites or the official Al-Ula site that offers a list of unparalleled locations for winter camping.

Tuwaiq Mountains

This is a narrow escarpment that cuts through the plateau of Najd, with many valleys running along its sides. If you wish to camp in one of these mountain ranges, then Tuwaiq Mountain is ideal for adventurers, photographers, and campers looking to enjoy the location’s geographical nature and unique rock formations.



If you prefer to camp in the wilderness, then Al-Thumama is the best destination for you, thanks to its many camping tents that suit groups of friends and families. All the basic camping needs are also provided for guests to cook over an open fire and sleep in a warm place.

Secret valley

For those looking for quiet and pristine nature, the secret valley, an hour's drive from Riyadh, is one of the most beautiful sites for winter camping due to its beautiful rock formations, abundant trees, large caves and water streams. Camping, hiking and mountain climbing are among the best outdoor activities visitors can enjoy at the location.