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Your ultimate guide on how to spend 5 days in Madinah

دليلك الشامل للاستمتاع بخمس أيام في المدينة المنورة

04 FEB 2020


Source: Wafy's team

If you are traveling to the beautiful city of Madinah for Umrah or Hajj, the Al-Masjid An-Nabawi –  probably more commonly known as the Prophet’s Mosque – is undoubtedly your first and most important destination given its religious importance. If you are going in a family trip start by booking a hotel near the women's Gate. But before you leave the city, try to make time to discover other landmarks near the Mosque, either on board a double-decker tourist bus or by booking a taxi using the various apps available. Wafy has identified some of the most important Madinah attractions:

Al Baqi Cemetery (click here)

This is the main cemetery of the people of Madinah that dates back to the time of the Prophet (pbuh). It is located southeast of the Prophet's Mosque and covers an area of about 180,000 square meters. Most of the Prophet’s (pbuh) companions and wives are buried there.

Mount Uhud (click here)

Arguably the city's most iconic landmark after the Prophet’s Mosque, this holy mountain witnessed the Battle of Uhud. At the foot you can find the tomb of the Uhud martyrs; there are more than 70 graves belonging to the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) 70 companions. There are also popular souks in the area that attract many visitors. The city is also known for other maintains find them here.

Quba Mosque (click here)

The first mosque built in Islam in 622, Muslims are keen to pray there following the Prophet’s (pbuh)  example, or Sunnah. The reward for praying in it is equivalent to that for performing Umrah. When walking around the area between Quba’ Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, you will find this popular souk, probably the most famous and oldest in the city known as Quba’s Avenue. There are Islamic landmarks in the vicinity, such as Ghars well, Al-Kahtem well know about other historical wells in Madinah by clicking here. Madinah is also famous for a number remarkable mosques check them here.

Hejaz Railway Museum (click here)

With its distinctive façade, this is one of the most established museums dedicated to the history of this important railway station. The museum halls cover in depth the history of the Hejaz railway and feature other historical exhibits, while its spacious grounds can be used to hold cultural festivals. You will also find a craftsmen market, shop, popular cafe, and a family-friendly train-themed restaurant. Check Wafy's tour at the museum here.

Dar Al Madinah Museum (click here)

One of the more modern tourist attractions that opened in 2011, displaying details of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Islamic biography and the architectural history of Madinah. It also features the noble Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Chamber and its stages of development. Madinah has some historical palaces check Madinah has some historical palaces check Wafy's article about them here.

King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex (Click here)

The largest printing press for the Holy Qur’an in the world, printing more than 10 million copies with the latest technology and distributing them throughout the world. It was opened by King Fahd bin Abdulaziz in 1984, and since then many studies and research have been ongoing to serve the Qur’an and Sunnah (ways of the Prophet, peace be upon him).


Shopping in Madinah

You are probably looking for best gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. enjoy your shopping at the central area in Madinah near the prophet mosque. you may also go the the busiest contemporary malls in the city, or join the local small markets to by presents at a low price, check Wafy's list of Madinah malls and commercial centers. 


The city is home to many popular restaurants that serve various traditional fare such as mandi and Kabsa. Consider trying different cuisines offered in the city, check our list of restaurants here.

Madinah Parks

For a bit of recreation amid the attractive greenery and landscapes, there are many public parks including Jabal Ohud Garden from which you can see the entire city from the top. You can also visit Almustazal Farm near Quba in the early morning to see palm trees and ducks drink from Azq well and buy some fresh dates. check other parks near you here. All of these attractions have helped Madinah offer an unforgettable experience for families.