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The Importance of Mural Art

أهمية الجداريات الفنية

Art represents power in so many different ways. It has the ability to tackle various social, political, and religious issues. Artists have utilized their media in different forms and shapes to express their feelings, values, and have their voice heard. Mural art becomes and important aspect where artists bring their work to the public and make it accessible. The intention of the work will always be relevant to the need and desire of the society it reflects. This session will shed light on the importance of ...


Ithra is unlike any other. Ithra stands as a beacon of change in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as a window to global experiences. As the world progressively evolves, Saudi Arabia is transforming at an even greater pace. At Ithra, we celebrate human potential as the greatest source of change; we focus on accelerating that potential by encouraging creativity, inspiring minds, and empowering talent.

    • Date:

      Mon, 5 Apr 2021

    • Time:

      08:30 PM - 09:30 PM

  • Az Zahran

  • King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra)

  • Free